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Our core operations are in R&D of computerized management systems. We have solutions for human resource management, access control, innovative surveillance, corporate network security, and queue management. We have solutions for hospitals, offices, homes, vehicles, embassies, banking, corporate houses, and telecom.

Most of you will know us from our GPS/GPRS based AVTS (Automatic Vehicle Tracking System), which goes by the name MODERN DREAMS TRAKING Solutions. This is a Web-based vehicle tracking system. The system uses GPS with GSM/GPRS for tracking the speed, direction, location, safety, and security of your vehicle. With the GPS car tracking system, you will be able to kevep track and to trace your vehicles in the comfort of your office.

We offer a comprehensive fleet management solution. The tracking device for vehicles we install will help you improve performance, reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction, improve time management, and enhance productivity and utilization. We generate post-analysis reports, among them trip profiling, vehicle/driver profiling, vehicle efficiency, and dispatch. We will also offer you such security features as emergency buttons, active disabling, panic buttons, and geo-fencing.

Latest News

  • Management Solutionmodern Tracking Fleet Management Solution has been implemented 25 February 2012
  • Management Solutionmodern Tracking Fleet Management Solution has been implemented 25 February 2012

How it Works

Modern dreams works with a variety of GPS/GPRS and GSM alerts. The alerts are offered by the GPS satellite, which protects world. The GPS approved on alerts are obtained by the tracking system set up in your vehicle, which determines its actual position based on the details obtained from several satellite.The data is then approved using GSM/GPRS, via mobile phone facilities, to the main MDTSPL hosting server for further handling and collation.


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